Watched a second debate for provincial leader of the Conservative Party, God help us

Discussion in 'Canada' started by shockedcanadian, Feb 28, 2018.

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    It wasn't horrible, but these politicians are clearly unsure of their own policies and have weak delivery, such a difference from the Conservative debate I watched with Trump, Rubio, Rand Paul et al, though I admit, this is just a provincial and not federal debate.

    Best moment of the debate, was Rob Fords brother Doug, who actually would be a decent fiscal conservative, but his social policies will probably cost him. He is given two minutes by the morderator to give his final closing remarks, he goes over the time and is cut off

    Moderator: "sorry but your two minutes is up"
    Doug: "for real?"

    Even the crowd had to laugh, and he needed was a z at the end to really be down with the generation that can't vote for another 5 years.

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