Warren escalates Facebook ad feud

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    The globalists are plotting to censored Pres.Trump and other conservatives social media outlets. they want Facebook to take down fake news ads. But actually they are working on censoring what they believe that is fake news, but with the public help.
    Lizzy wants to be the Queen of fake news fighters. So that she or her party can be the one to determine what is fake or not.

    (CNN) — A days-long feud between Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Facebook intensified over the weekend as Warren openly accused the company of "taking money to promote lies."

    Warren, a leading Democratic 2020 candidate, has taken aim at the social media giant over its role in spreading disinformation against her and other candidates. Her campaign ran an ad on Facebook this past week that contained a deliberate lie to draw further attention to the issue.

    That provocative move came after a recording leaked earlier this month of CEO Mark Zuckerberg telling employees that a Warren presidency would "suck" for the company.

    Warren escalates Facebook ad feud


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