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    Father Thomas and a young nun, Sister Mary were crossing the desert on a camel. On the third day, without any warning, the camel dropped down dead.
    After they dusted themselves off, Father Thomas and Sister Mary surveyed the situation and after a long period of contemplation, Father Thomas said "Sister, this looks pretty grim."
    Sister Mary said "I know Father, in fact, with the tiny amount of food and water we have, I don’t think we're likely to survive more than a couple of days."
    "I couldn't agree more" said Father Thomas, then after a long silence, he said...."Sister, since we're not going to get out of here alive, would you do something for me?"
    "Anything Father." answered Sister Mary.
    "Well....I have never seen a woman's breasts before. Do you think I could see yours ?"
    "Well, given our present predicament, I don’t see that it could do any harm." the nun answered and opened her habit, so that the Father could enjoy the sight of her shapely bosom.
    After a few minutes, he asked "Sister Mary, would you mind if I touched them?" The nun consented and he spent several happy minutes fondling her.
    Sister Mary began to enjoy the priest's attention and she said, "Father, may I ask something of you in return?"
    "Of course my child,... anything" he said, a little breathlessly.
    "I have never before seen a mans willy.....may I see yours?"
    Father Thomas nearly had a fit, he lay down and lifted his robe to expose his manhood,
    "Can I touch it?" said Sister Mary, reaching out and taking it in her hand.
    A couple of minutes of this and Father Thomas was about to blow a gasket and he said to the nun "Do you realise Sister, that if I insert my willy into the right place.....it can become the giver of life.."
    "Is that true Father?"
    "Yes it is Sister."
    "Oh Father, how wonderful ! ...well in that case, stick it into that dead camel, then we can get the hell out of here
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