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    My niece posted this on facebook today and I just had to share:

    At the mall today we encoutered a little girl handing out candy canes and saying "Merry Christmas". She was handing the candy cane to my daughter, and I looked around for her family or whoever was supposed to be with her as she seemed very small to be on her own. They were all standing a short distance away watching as she gave out the candy canes. They told me that as a family all the cousins were getting together to practice random acts of kindness, and this was the little girl's contribution to the cause.

    That little girl made our shopping excursion much more enjoyable than it otherwise might have been with the crowds and the noise. I am reminded of the little things I could be doing every day that may make someone else's day more enjoyable.

    From me: What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays.

    Hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas season.
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