War on Children

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    Why do democrats hate kids
    you have abortion, so if kids are lucky enough to have a compasionate mom, then they can get to life. And somepeople belive they should be killed

    After-Birth Abortion: The pro-choice case for infanticide. - Slate Magazine

    Heckling kids.......love liberals

    Children singing 'God Bless the USA' are heckled by man screaming 'burn in hell' | The Daily Caller

    letting killers who kill kids out of prison
    Donald Schmidt: Parole Date Nears For Convicted Child Killer Donald Schmidt - ktla.com
    Child killer’s parole grant reinstated | Mountain Democrat
    Young killers serving life without parole may get chance at freedom - Los Angeles Times
    Daily News - Google News Archive Search

    I could go on and on. It's amazing. IF you kill people you should be executed or in jail foever, no excuse for this crap.

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