WaPo finds nearly $4 billion in green-tech stimulus funds went to WH-connected firms

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    posted at 3:05 pm on February 15, 2012 by Ed MorrisseyDuring the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama pledged to flush lobbyists out of the halls of power and bring “hope and change” to Washington. Obama also pledged not to hire lobbyists in his administration, signed an executive order to that effect, and then issued dozens of waivers to his own rule. Not only did Obama start his administration by reneging on his lobbyist pledge, insiders in his administration conducted informal lobbying on behalf of companies to whom they were connected — and manged to snag nearly $4 billion in federal funding in the green-tech stimulus, the Washington Post reports:
    Venture capitalists play key role in Obama’s Energy Department - The Washington Post

    “To believe those quiet conversations don’t happen in the hallways — about a project being in a certain congressman’s district or being associated with a significant presidential donor, is naive,” said Gold, who once worked at the Office of Management and Budget. “When you’re putting this kind of pressure on an organization to make decisions on very big dollars, there’s increased likelihood that political connections will influence things.”

    One of the most eyebrow-raising connections in this story is that of Steven Spinner, who served as a DoE loan adviser — and whose wife worked for the law firm Wilson Sonsini, which handled a number of loan applications for the green-tech stimulus. How did that work out for Mrs. Spinner? Wilson Sonsini clients got $2.75 billion in stimulus cash, almost three-quarters of the amount tracked in this report. The law firm tells the Post that it doesn’t believe their employment of Spinner’s wife influenced DoE loan decisions — and if you have a few bucks, they can sell you a few shares of Solyndra, too.

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    WaPo finds nearly $4 billion in green-tech stimulus funds went to WH-connected firms « Hot Air

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