Wanted: President and State Governors

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Big Black Dog, Feb 26, 2011.

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    I am interested in electing a President and State Governors to run our country in a reasonable way. If applying for the job, please be able to prove the following:
    (1) Proof of Nationality. We like our officials to be real Americans.
    (2) Must be at least 36 years old.
    (3) Must be honest.
    (4) Must not be a liar unless telling hunting and fishing stories.
    (5) Must be a "can do" kind of person.
    (6) Must be willing to accept responsibility for your actions.
    (7) Must be willing to accept the job for no more than 8 years.
    (8) Must be willing to provide for your own retirement.
    (9) Must be willing to stay in your assigned working space and not go running all over the country or state to try and buffalo people into believing something you could have said on national tv.
    (10) Must leave the country or State in a better condition then when you entered office at the end of your tenure.
    (11) Must be able to look the public in the eye and say "NO" to spending if there is no cash on hand to pay for the project.
    (12) The President or State Governor can be neither a Democrat or a Republican so playing favorites to any one particular political party would be a waste of time. The idea is to make both of the parties work together and create reasonable work output.
    (13) Last but not least, must be approachable by the everyday common working man and willing to listen to what the people have to say.

    If you believe you have these qualities, please run for political office in 2012. If not, please don't muddy up the waters and waste my time.

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