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    Even Political Foes Cheer on Fired AmeriCorps Inspector General Walpin
    June 24, 2009 05:15 PM ET | Paul Bedard | Permanent Link | Print
    Gerald Walpin, the former AmeriCorps inspector general who was fired after appearing confused at a meeting, has some pretty important friends coming to his defense. Some 145 of them, including political foes, have written Congress and the White House to refute attacks on his integrity in the controversy over why he was fired by the Obama administration.

    "We have never seen Mr. Walpin to be 'confused, disoriented, [or] unable to answer questions,' " wrote the 145, who include former federal judges and even Democrats like Bernie Nussbaum, former President Clinton's first White House counsel.

    Walpin was a Bush pick who, allies say, ran into trouble with the administration when he criticized an Obama pal. The 77-year-old was dismissed after appearing confused at a recent meeting, the administration said. A White House letter to lawmakers also alleged that Walpin had "engaged in other troubling and inappropriate conduct."

    His firing came after he announced that he wasn't finished with a probe into alleged misuse of federal grants to a school founded by Kevin Johnson, an Obama supporter, mayor of Sacramento, Calif., and former NBA star.

    In their letter, the 145 say that the administration's description of Walpin is way out of character. "All of us are unanimous in affirming Mr. Walpin's integrity and competence," they wrote.

    Even Political Foes Cheer on Fired AmeriCorps Inspector General Walpin - Washington Whispers (usnews.com)

    How is it that this story is all over the net, including what we'd call some MSM websites (CBS notably) and the print media sites (even old Huffie), but I can't find, so far, a reference to TV news other than FOX? WTF is everyone else covering it up for?

    More Details Emerge In President Obama's Firing of Inspector General - Political Punch

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    Obama fires inspector general - Giving- msnbc.com

    Media Matters
    Fox chyron asserted as fact that Walpin was "fired for protecting taxpayers" | Media Matters for America

    FNC Interviews Fmr Inspector General Suspiciously Fired by Obama | NewsBusters.org

    Oh, and let's not forget the NYTimes

    Now you wanna tell me why I can only find this on the net AND in the PRINT MEDIA -- with the EXCEPTION OF FOX NEWS? Cuz if I hadn't read it on the NET, I wouldn't have f**king known about it!
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    Allow me to take the liberty to answer your question:
    There are 6 major corporations that own the media in the united states. Those 6 entities are tied to and in bed with (make what ever you like out of that) the Government. Thus the government dictates to the media just what it can and can not report. Worse than that, the media airs just what the government wants and creates. It is called the American communist propaganda machine...They don't call it programming for nothing!
    As for the article...We are so screwed its sickening. The power hungry elite have all the control now and all the puppets do just what they are told. They hold all the cards and all the aces or asses which ever you prefer. They are after their New world order and will stop at nothing to get it. They will kill who ever they want, they will torture who ever they want and they will steel anything they want.
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