WallStreet tug of war, just crazy or a sign of impending correction.

Discussion in 'Stock Market' started by iamwhatiseem, Nov 1, 2011.

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    I looked back before the 2008 collapse and the markets through the last half of 2007 were similar to today. Not quite as wildly chaotic - but wild ups and downs none the less. Same thing in 2001.
    So this begs the question, are the markets like a boat caught in a storm? Before the ship sinks it veers steeply back and forth before finally, and quite suddenly, sinks.
    For those of us that look to the markets for long-term protection and investment - 2011 has been aggravating to say the least. I have had money sitting out for almost 2 years now...waiting on a fall before I go back in, but with this crazy and insane bubble building...I have no choice, like 100,000's like me...we are sitting out.

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