Wall Streets Newest Finance product: Betting on Americans to die

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mightypeon, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Hi people,

    may I point your attention to a "new creative financial product"?

    You have 3 parties, a senior who is currently getting the payment he invested in via a life insurance, the original life insurance company and an investor.

    A life insurance company may transfer their obligation of paying the monthly sum the senior gets to an "investor" paying the investor a lump sum.
    If the the senior now dies before the accumulated rates become bigger than the lump sum the investor initially paid, the investor makes a profit.
    If it does live longer, the investor looses money...

    We all know how powerfull big buisness is, now big Buisness has a literal incentive to get you killed.

    Maybe the next financial crisis will be because of a "Dying bubble", and this time, instead of "irresponisble poor Americans who buyed houses they coulnt afford one!" the media will tell us that the culprits are "irresponsible Old Americans who lived when they were supposed to die!"

    P.S. Apperantly, this kind of deal is not possible in Europe yet(doh, yeah for EU regulations or something), of course that doesnt stop Europeans from investing into these fonds.

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