“vouchercare” do not remove fraud, waste and abuse.

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    “VoucherCare’ will destroy Medicare faster because it does not remove the waste, fraud and abuse and seniors would pay more out of pocket for premiums, deductibles and Co-payments and they will get what they pay for. If they want more coverage, they will have to pay more. It will cause competition between private providers but will not bring down cost. It will only eliminate the Moms and Pops of private healthcare and leave the “Wal-Marts” of healthcare. A monopoly. Wal-Mart provides inferior products as a lower cost. VoucherCare will provide inferior healthcare.
    The way to save Medicare is to remove the waste, fraud and abuse by doctors, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, medical suppliers and by removing the middle man which is Medicare advantage plans. I get copies of my medical care billing and a routine doctor visit charged $350, cost of ER care, hospitals charging for supplies not received by patient, and medication ordered not received or needed by patient and I recently received a power chair costing Medicare $26,000 and I could have bought the same chair on line for half the price. A recent visit to the hospital Medicare was charged for three bags of saline and I received one. I am required to spend three days in the hospital before I can be sent to a rehab center. I have for many years tried to report the waste and got nowhere. Too much paper work and time for them. There has to be an effective way for patients to report waste and fraud.

    This one takes the cake. I went to a doctor affiliated with a local hospital for a bladder infection and doctor sent me to the hospital for a 5 day of infusion of antibiotics (a costly and dangerous procedure) I got a second opinion and found I did not even have a bladder infection. Doctors, hospitals and other medical providers work hand in hand committing Medicare and Medicaid fraud. And doctors push prescriptions and get kick backs from companies.

    Leave Medicare (and Social Security) alone and find a way to effective remove the waste, fraud and abuse that will save Medicare and do the same with Medicaid and bring down the cost. And Obama knows how to do that and is doing it but he has to do more Don't turn our healthcare and social security over to Romney/Ryan to destory.
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    yes vouchers is a step toward capitalism the most important elements of which are 1) people shopping with their own money and 2) providers locked in life and death competition to provide us with the best quality and lowest prices.

    Now even a liberal can understand why the USSR failed and why the USA is the richest country in human history

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