Vincent Maleka slam dunks Guptas’ request

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    In just over an hour at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on Thursday, evidence leader Vincent Maleka became the symbol of South Africa’s law in the face of a family who have played fast and loose with the young constitutional democracy.

    By trying to cross-examine the witnesses who have attested to their attacks on the state via video-link from Dubai – instead of in person – the Guptas were playing to type. 71

    Since they arrived in South Africa in 1993, the family has treated the country like a place of purchase, where everyone and everything had a price. An associate once said that Ajay Gupta would sprawl on a chaise longue at the family’s Saxonwold mansion and joke to visitors: 84

    “You want to be a minister? I can make you a minister.” 57

    A friend, whose story is yet to be told, was summoned to the garish house and offered a job as CEO of a parastatal if major contracts were put their way. The highly qualified executive was horrified. 58

    At the bling and now infamous family wedding at Sun City, reports revealed they only wanted their guests massaged and served by white beauty therapists and waiters. 56
    Vincent Maleka slam dunks Guptas’ request to cross-examine witnesses from their Dubai safe house via video | Daily Maverick

    Nah, you can come on back.

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