Vigilante-NeXt: Christian Heirlooms (Trump, Jr.)

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    What will TrumpUSA pass down to future generations? What did the last celebrity-president pass down to our generation...besides Reaganomics of course?

    This future-vignette was inspired by Blade: Trinity.

    Signing off,



    Donald Trump, Jr. congratulated the new batch of G.I. Joes who were called G.I. Joe, Jr. The 'Juniors' would take up the reins passed down to them from their parents, the G.I. Joes. The Juniors would oversee peaceful relations between commercial networks with a new generation of technologies, treaties, and toys. Trump, Jr. explained that the biggest problem with this 'inherited' world was an uglier form of cynicism --- a cynicism towards legacy.


    The new batch of evildoers, crime-lords, kingpins, corrupt politicians, drug-dealers, witches, warlocks, and terrorists were not cute or friendly. They wanted the Juniors to resent not being able to fight sooner and also regret having to fight them. This new 'batch' was referred to as the New Batch! Some carried voodoo-dolls modeled after the Annabelle-exorcism horror-film series. The New Batch wanted to make consumerism and toys nightmares, so the Juniors had to find ways to make consumers feel 'secure' about the new generation of video-games and commercial items such as new iPhones, new tablets, new military weapons, whatever.


    The New Batch also included crime-syndicates in Hong Kong attempting to make the 'inheritance' of the Juniors from the G.I. Joes feel like a joke. Opium was the new hot-drug on the streets, and gangs working for bosses/kingpins were found on bikes and in speed-boats, hovering around the coast and making life for the Coast Guard...annoying.


    The big-honcho of the New Batch was Emilio Snaps who didn't mind Facebook, email, eTrade (etc.) but he also didn't mind running black-market munitions to ISIS while establishing legitimate politico-business ties between New York, Milan, and Saudi Arabia. Emilio Snaps was something like the much more evil rendition of Pablo Escobar.


    Snaps kept a 'vile woman' at his side who always wore a mask. No one knew her name but knew she was 'skilled' at the art of intimacy and designing toxic poisons for chemical-guns Snaps' gang would carry on the streets. The Juniors knew they had to find ways to bring her down to get to Snaps. She was a real problem.


    Meanwhile, psychos in L.A. and other major cities around the world wore ski-masks and carried creative new savage weapons/guns, 'normalizing' the wielding of mean weaponry in their new age 'crusade' to make urban life more...thrilling. They employed tactics such as decapitation and lethal-injection killings and it was rumored they were allied to Snaps.


    The Juniors were led by one central 'Super-Knight' named Nightwing who ordered all the male members of the Juniors to dress in uniforms/outfits identical to his so the New Batch could be caught off-guard while trying to determine which member of the Juniors was precisely striking them. Nightwing reported back to the chancellor of the G.I. Joes, Snake-Eyes, and the commander of the G.I. Joes, Duke, but was granted license to do what was necessary to 'control' the New Batch. Nightwing obviously despised Emilio Snaps.


    A female member of the Juniors was Purple Cat. The elaborate avatar-like costumes the Juniors wore was meant to make them look like 'ordinary' pedestrians parading through city streets in Halloween costumes to celebrate the 'spirit' of masquerade, and it was darn difficult for New Batch ghouls/minions to distinguish between costumed/masquerading fashionista-revelers and real-life crime-fighting members of the Juniors.


    An anti-hero 'spicing' up this new world of intrigue was Silver-Man who sometimes helped both the Juniors and the New Batch. Silver-Man wasn't a big fan of Wal-Mart, Wall Street, or Walgreens, but he was intrigued by new age computing/networking technologies that made espionage rather intriguing.


    A seriously evil witch of the New Batch was Dark-Angel who wore a very eerie costume and was rarely seen in public. It was rumored she lived somewhere in Chicago or Amsterdam. Dark-Angel communicated with both terrorist-groups such as Cobra and corrupt leaders such as Prince Ehmad of Iran. Dark-Angel wanted to use chemical-warfare to create panic in America and other parts of the world. Purple Cat suggested Dark-Angel was something like the evil rendition of Patty Hearst.


    Seriously 'devoted' old-guys in New York and Italy were busy helping the New Batch establish trade and communication routes so normal patriotism for the Juniors would at least be 'exciting.' This 'old-guard' was considered to be an oracle-source but also an info-source of all kinds of mischief and mayhem in the new streets of planet Earth. The old-guard did, however, inform the Juniors of threats regarding the use of chemical-weapons to create intentional eco-pollution in the name of pure terrorism. The old-guard was therefore very well-connected.


    As the Juniors used new age technologies to impress their elders/parents, the G.I. Joes, they also worked to devise secured algorithms and methodologies to prevent technologies/weapons to be used as toys. Nightwing believed that Emilio Snaps was planning some kind of toxic terrorist-attack with ISIS on the Eiffel Tower on New Year's Eve 2018. Trump, Jr. tweeted, "The Juniors will provide humanity the same kind of idealism that the G.I. Joes offered the world during the Great Tribulation involving North Korea and ISIS."


    TRUMP, JR: Let's hope this democracy-crusade of yours feels Christian!
    NIGHTWING: There are real baddies with lots of toys out there, man.
    TRUMP, JR: I know; we're depending on you Juniors big-time.
    NIGHTWING: I'm kind of scared of Dark-Angel...
    TRUMP, JR: Who isn't? Even your dad Snake-Eyes would be timid!
    NIGHTWING: What's the deal with the Pentagon devising new cyber-networks?
    TRUMP, JR: I'll fill you in, Nightwing...
    NIGHTWING: Cool.
    TRUMP, JR: Do you believe in Vatican City?
    NIGHTWING: I believe in protecting the Vatican from Emilio Snaps!
    TRUMP, JR: Excellent.
    NIGHTWING: Maybe I should have been a Yale professor instead.
    TRUMP, JR: No time for Toys 'R Us?
    NIGHTWING: Haha; no, I'm committed to America.




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