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    "User Notes" Are a Part of the Foundation of the USMB Site. They were written into the Program of this Site, from the start, long before any of us even signed up here. They are used as a Tool for Administrators and Moderators, as an aid, in the Daily function of the Site. They are not public, nor does Anyone, outside of Official Duty here have access to them.

    This Tool, is a part of the Format of this Site, and Probably, Every Site you post on.

    Get over it.

    Posting information from PM's on the Open Board is a Violation of the Rules, One can face both Infraction and ban for doing so. Questioning Specific Moderator Action on the open board, is also against the rules. Use the PM system to Report or Question Moderator Actions, PM an Administrator or a Moderator you feel you may better relate to. US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum - Show Groups

    The Open Boards is not the place to seek resolution.
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