USA Today Hacked On Twitter

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    Yesterday, at about 8:30 PM, I witnessed alleged hacking of USA Today on Twitter live. I had visited USA Today to view its tweets and got a message alleging "this user (USA Today) does not exists" on Twitter and displayed page shown no tweets and followers for USA Today. I clicked Follow and was only follower then, and immediately tweeted question hoping to know why USA Today had been suspended.

    About a minutes later, I went to Twitter window to see if anyone had responded to my tweet, but there was no response. Because I had multiple windows opened for Twitter, I mistaken clicked on USA Today on another opened Twitter window and USA Today was shown as having thousands of followers on Twitter and as havig tweeted thousands of tweets. I immediately view other Twitter window and USA Today was shown as having no tweets and 1 follower (me).

    I opened a third Twitter window and tweeted "Funny things happening on Twitter. Just re-visited USAToday and it exists; though 2. One alleges thousands followers & the other 1 (me)."

    I thereafter proceeded to another window to continue my online activities. When I returned to Twitter minutes later, USA Today was on board apologizing and announcing it had been hacked, some tweets had been made by hacker(s) and that Twitter had resolved problem.

    I congratulated USA Today, but wondered. Had USA Today been hacked without knowledge of Twitter? Why had Twitter not noticed act, since it seems to immediately note tweets by posters?
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