USA legalizing "illegal aliens": lets repatriate the trillion $s offshore..

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    Under the last repatriation tax break in 2004, Mott noted that U.S. companies repatriated about 39% of their foreign earnings balances.
    If another repatriation tax break was enacted and companies repatriated at the same rate, he said about $663 billion might come back to U.S. shores.
    At Big U.S. Companies, 60% of Cash Sits Offshore: J.P. Morgan - The CFO Report - WSJ

    The Pew Research Center estimates up to 1.7 million illegal immigrants may apply. It is unclear how many will be approved.

    So let's determine the relative values:
    $660 billion brought back at NO tax consequences .. use of this money..

    Assume $300 billion used to buy computers,construct/improve facilities, build inventories i.e. Invest in America!
    Assume the remaining $300 billion used to hire people to use the computers,etc.
    At 5 year projection and $50,000 per job for salaries,benefits payroll etc. this would be 1,200,000 new hires for 5 years.
    This study If this economic study is correct shows for every 1 million spent in retail there is an economic multiplier of

    • $1.188 million in total economic activity takes place for every $1 million spent.. if repatriated $300 billion would generate $356.4 billion.

    • Each $1 million spent provides $205,829 in labor incomes -- if repatriated $300 billion

    • Each $1 million represents 7.7 workers and assuming 35% (payroll taxes, FICA, FUTA, Medicare, SS) 2,310,000 jobs!

    I am unable to show the affect of throwing 1.7 million illegals under 30 into the legal employment landscape..

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