US Teens active in faith but lacking knowledge

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by Avatar4321, Feb 26, 2005.

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    Im sure you can all read the rest. im glad to see there are alot of good kids out there. hopefully parents can start helping to teach their children better.
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    When reading the New Testament, there is verse upon verse of how new converts were not considered all-knowing and wise, but needed to live out their faith for some years, and then the wisdom would start to show.

    The Apostle Paul, wrote much about the immature believer and the mature believer and what distinguished them. There is no replacement for experiencing life as a way of gaining wisdom/maturity in the Christian faith.

    Often new converts want to set the world on fire and tell everyone about their new-found faith, often causing more headaches for themselves and others. Hopefully as Paul taught, the convert would gradually put more trust in God, and less in him/herself, and let God do the work of converting.

    I'm not saying that Christians sit under a tree, while God performs, but that often motivation in the new convert tends to supercede God's leading in their lives. It takes time to realize that the Christian faith is not, "I can do it myself", but, "He(God) must do it through(empower) me". This involves total submission to Lordship of God in one's life. Young folks, have a hard time with that, as they are physically, emotionally, and mentally at the top of their "game". With age and trials we start to realize(hopefully) our limitations, and that's when faith starts to be excercised in urnest.

    I remember in my youthful years as a new Christian convert, how I wanted my relatives, neighborhood and you name it to understand, accept and believe in the Saviour. Now I'd rather rest and let God show His stuff, so He gets the glory and not me.

    Psalms 46:10....Cease striving and know that I am God.
    (be patient and wait on the Lord)

    Even Paul didn't start his formal ministry immediately after his conversion on his way to Damascus, but went off to Arabia for at least 3 years to educated by the Lord.........Book of Acts

    "Horse come before cart"............ Too many Christians can't wait for the horse to be hitched up and put the harness in their own mouths, and end up setting a forest ablaze. :confused:

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