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    I did the regular commercials, here are the special ops commercials I could find, trying to get the one's I have seen on TV and have close lengths, but I know I won't make everyone happy, so eh, here goes:

    United States Army-Special Forces

    United States Navy- Seals

    United States Air Force- Pararescue

    United States Marine Core-Recon Marines

    United States Coast Guard- Maritime Security Response Team

    I apologize that the Recon Marines and Maritime Security Response Team are long videos, basically tributes, I couldn't find a video like I found for the other 3 on them, I looked on you tube, and google, I am sure if you go to their websites they have them, here is a link to each special ops unit for each branch link wise:

    US Army Green Berets- Special Forces |
    US Army Rangers- 75th Ranger Regiment |
    US Navy Seals- Official U.S. Navy SEAL Information Web Site
    US Air Force Pararescue Pararescue Apprentice (males only) - Enlisted Careers -
    US Marine Core Recon Marines- Marine RECON and MARSOC - Military Fitness -
    US Coast Guard Maritime Response Team

    Tried to get the best links I could, sorry about the last 2, once again, their links are just harder to find, I found workouts and stuff, but was trying to find a place with general info, from the main sites of their branch ex. or or
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