US Recovery: Vindication for Obama?

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    Despite the best efforts of certain members of Congress, the US economy continues to improve. "Retail sales rose more than projected in October as American shoppers gave the economy a boost at the start of the fourth quarter." "“Another recession is pretty unlikely,” said Samuel Coffin, an economist at UBS Securities in Stamford, Connecticut, who correctly predicted the gain in retail sales. The report “suggests a very strong start to the quarter. We'll continue expanding at a better pace.”"

    U.S. Economy: Sales Rise More Than Forecast, Driving Recovery - BusinessWeek

    Inflation remains tame: "The producer price index declined a more-than-projected 0.3 percent in October after a 0.8 percent rise a month earlier, Labor Department figures showed. Prices excluding volatile food and energy were unchanged, the first month without an increase since November 2010.

    Energy prices declined 1.4 percent."

    Low inflation combined with stronger-than-expected growth = the opposite of what Republicans say should be happening. Will they admit they were wrong and Democrats were right? Will they finally concede their opposition to Obama's jobs bill?

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