US Firm Accused Of Greenwashing Cameroon

Discussion in 'Africa' started by LAfrique, Sep 26, 2012.

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    A US firm in Cameroon is under fire for attempting to disturb the ecosystem of Cameroon. While the project would no doubt generate jobs for a few, disturbing the stable livelihood of natives is a very risky and dangerous business.

    Profit Over Stability - U.S. firm accused of greenwashing Cameroon 'land grab'

    Interestingly, Ethiopia and some East African nations now under constant drought and famine are the result of extreme deforestation by Western nations that depleted their nations of necessary greenery in the name of industrialization that were never materialized. Funny how while developed nations are busy equipping and improving themselves by planting trees to protect their environments, they intentionally sabotage and encourage the degradation of the environments of developing nations.

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