US embassy in Riyadh warns Americans of terrorist attacks

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    US embassy in Riyadh warns Americans of terrorist attacks

    20 July 2005

    RIYADH - The American embassy in Riyadh urged its citizens to keep a low profile after receiving indications of “operation planning for terrorist attack or attacks,” in the kingdom, the US embassy spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

    “We have issued a warden message about our knowledge of ongoing operation planning for terrorist attacks in the kingdom and we have urged American citizens to maintain a high level of vigilance,” Carol Kalin, spokeswoman for the US embassy in Riyadh, told The Associated Press over the telephone.

    The embassy had no accurate information about timing, targets or methods of the terrorist attacks, a copy of the message read.

    The statement urged American citizens living in Saudi Arabia to “exercise caution and maintain good situational awareness when visiting commercial establishments frequented by Westerners or in primarily Western environments.”

    The embassy also referred to previous attacks in “housing compounds and other establishments where Westerners may be located,” that were targeted.

    “Neither the embassy or the consulate planned to close,” Kalin said.

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