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    Hey everyone,

    I thought I’d give you all an update on the creation display at the Tulsa Zoo. I opened the Tulsa World (our knee-jerk liberal newspaper) and before I even looked at the Letters to the Editor section, I KNEW that there was going to be pap about “Christian fundamentalists”. Boy was I right...check out this

    “The Tulsa Zoo is in danger. This award-winning city treasure will be irreparably harmed by a recent decision by Mayor Bill LaFortune and his parks advisory board. By clearing the way for a Christian fundamentalist :bang3: to mount a creation story from Genesis alongside the current science-based [sic] timeline of Earth’s history, they will turn an educational exhibit into a battleground for competing religious ideas. This is a divisive battle that will never end. [Well, then why are you starting it?!] There are untold numbers of creation stories, including hundreds from Native American cultures. Their “fairness” justification (that the Zoo already contains religious displays and this will balance them) is a classic “red herring”. [That is; a distraction
    or decoy issue. Tell me about it, Mr. Schmuck.] None of the existing displays is religious in intent. Sure, some religious symbols are used (like the statue at the elephant exhibit that represents the Hindu god Ganesh) but they are obviously there to show how animals affect the culture, not to promote
    a religion. And it’s hard to believe that any secure person of faith could be offended or swayed by such exhibits. The real purpose is to place a creationist message in a public building --- a bad idea for the zoo and a terrible idea for Tulsa.”

    Robert L. Gard, Sand Springs (Remember, it’s got
    to look like an accident.) :teeth:

    Notice this guys’ extreme bias. He admits himself that there were other religious symbols in the zoo, but he only brings up the fact that it’s in a (gasp!) public building when he thinks Christianity shouldn’t be there. Also, notice that he said, “...it’s hard to believe that any secure person
    of faith could be offended or swayed by such exhibits.” Well then, if seeing a Hindu statue doesn’t make me fall on my knees and chant “om,” then it’s weird how the liberals would be worried that a Christian display is going to make them carry a Bible around and sing Jesus Loves Me. :lame2:


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