Update on Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction

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    Saddam and his regime were obviously in the process of manafacturing these weapons. They went to great lengths to keep their mission secret. There is solid proof that they were involved in making WMD, and proof that they were trying to acquire the same. This is all available in the inspectors report, but it is forgotten as the liberals wait for the smoking gun.

    Only time will tell if the smoking gun is found, but at least we can be assured there will be no smoking gun hitting the homeland, or Iraqi citizens.

    WASHINGTON, DC — Recently, Dr. David Kay, the former UN weapons inspector who is in charge of investigating Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) programs, briefed the House Intelligence Committee and provided an interim report on his progress.

    Having read Dr. Kay’s public testimony before the Committee, I am surprised by the disconnect between his interim findings and some of the press stories I have seen about them.

    It is true that Dr. Kay and his investigators have not found the large quantities of stockpiled biological and chemical weapons that the United Nations inspectors reported were there in the 1990s. But Dr. Kay’s progress report clearly establishes that Saddam Hussein had a WMD program and that right up until its overthrow, developing and acquiring WMDs was a high priority for his regime. This was, of course, in direct violation of United Nations resolutions dating back to 1991.


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