Unspoken truth that almost All of the 44% of Whites won't admit to.

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    In 2008 the following was the election by 131 million voters:
    Ethnicity % of voters # of voters Voted Obama Attitude today
    White 76.3% 99,953,000 44% Democrat Obama BUT 38% vote today
    black 12.1% 15,851,000 91% for Obama 87% would vote today
    Hispanics 7.4% 9,694,000 more democrats 67%
    Asian 2.5% 3,275,000 not sure

    Dissecting the 2008 Electorate: Most Diverse in U.S. History | Pew Hispanic Center

    And the UNSPOKEN truth that almost ALL of the 44% of white voters WON"T admit but the facts that Obama was never vetted, was never experienced was never skilled to be President NOW after 3 years are APPARENT.. is these 44% voted not because Obama was black.. but they voted without any knowledge about Obama, because in their heart they just didn't want to think they were against Obama because he was black.. i.e. they couldn't justify the vote because Obama was qualified BUT these 44% white voters didn't want to see themselves as RACISTS!

    They couldn't vote for Obama because of his qualifications.. they only voted so they wouldn't in their minds be "racist"! That is the ONLY conclusion anyone that thinks can come to and now with Obama's total ineptness over the past 3 1/2 years can come to any other conclusion!

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