University Endowments vs Tuition Hikes

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Do you support Obama's opposition to University Tuition Hikes Plan?

  1. YES. Tuition needs to be affordable, especially when Endowment Funds are huge

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  2. NO. The Feds need to butt-out of University issues

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  3. Don't care, college educations are over-rated

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  4. Prefer if the Feds give $$ to Corporations for job training programs

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    Obama hit on more than a few good ideas during his State of the Union speech. One in particular that I like is making Universities use their tax-free endowments for more than political contributions.

    Here is a list of endowments from Wiki. If each school has thousands of students and billions of dollars, taxpayers need more accountability to ensure that students are not getting gouged.
    List of colleges and universities in the United States by endowment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The only exception is CA where their deficit is burying the State. The 2012 Budget Deficit is $25b, and needs to be addressed before the interest rates start climbing ~2014, those students need to pay like the rest of us.
    The 2011-12 Budget: California's Fiscal Outlook

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