United States SBA is a bank dumping ground

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    It has been awhile since I posted here or read any posts here. Checking in today because I got a letter in the mail today. It is an "OFFICIAL NOTICE...." from SBA Denver, Colorado. It threatens some sort of action by the "U.S TREASURY" concerning a loan made to my company that SBA assisted in their "concurring" with Wells Fargo to take me fully out of business. before I called the phone number listed in the letter Rod told me everyone is tired of hearing about this "fraud Wells Fargo committed"and maybe I should change my tune.

    So I call the number on the "OFFICIAL" letter and a lady answers the phone. She pulls up the loan on her computer and then tells me if I do not pay this amount she will be turning it over to the US Treasury for further action. I told her "do it!" Then she asked more about the business and the loan. So i told her the short version about Wells Fargo shorting my working capital within the first three months of the loan after the factory had sent me a piece of equipment that was designed to fail from the manufacturer. I also told her that Wells Fargo had neglected to report that they never did actually fully disperse the loan and when they were not fully using business interference tactics they put me in their "Gourmet Grinder Inc."(Wells Fargo words for what they do to business they are taking out) I also told her about the erroneous 1099's that both Wells Fargo and CITI sent out. I asked her if SBA paid Wells Fargo? She says I am not sure. I told her well last I heard they had withdrawn their request for payment from SBA. The lady said she was not sure what to do and she would get back with me after hearing more.

    So about an hour goes by and she calls back. She tells me that she thinks that SBA paid a portion of the loan guarantee to Wells Fargo. So I ask her, "Then is SBA going after Wells Fargo for the documented fraud they committed". She tells me no and then tells me she will be turning this over to the Treasury. I tell her well can't get blood out of a turnip and that's us since 2002. I ask her if anyone in the government going to stop these fraudsters? She says no but you will have to take care of this. I tell her Lady I can't take care of it it is up to my government to enforce the law is it not! I mean I am a citizen and isn't our government supposed to protect it's citizens from fraudulent activities? She says she can't help me and if it had already gone to court. I tell her it never got before the federal court since the attorney that originally represented worked for the bank and assisted the bank was also head of the bar and well connected. The judge in the state case was a cousin of the accounting CEO for Wells Fargo at the time this went on and he also owned the company that provided the internal parts on the first piece of equipment that the factory sent designed to fail! She tells me she can't help me and did not know what else to do. while they were sending me equipment that was designed to fail Wells Fargo was shorting my loan funds! I ask her doesn't anyone in the government care what these people are doing?

    Says she can't do anything and she also says if I need any more information get a hold of the local office.

    I call the local office and ask the gal there if they actually paid Wells Fargo, last time she and I talk she had said they withdrew their payment request? She says well I think they paid it. I asked if anyone is going to do anything about the fraud Wells Fargo committed with all their erroneous documentation? She tells me what some people see as fraud is not really fraud. (WTH!) I ask you mean to tell me that making up all those documents and then admitting in court that the they were all made up "by someone in the bank" isn't fraud! (erroneous SETTLEMENT SHEETS are like cash to a bank and the banker admitted these were made up by the BANK in court ) I then proceed to give her the connections of the failed equipment from the manufacturer, the parts manufacturer aka owner ceo WF one and the same, the ceo banking cousin judge that ordered the equipment seizures and the CEO of accounting in Wells Fargo being one in the same that owns parts supplier raven industries, excel energy and national/local farms! she tells me that is not SBA's problem. I tell her SBA was complicit in helping that bank in taking out viable businesses. Plus Wells Fargo worked directly with this local tax assessor I know as a matter of fact!

    Our government is an enemy of the people. Truthfully you are all screwed it is coming your way. No one in charge cares about the people. SBA is just a dumping ground for bad loans that banks uses after they take out viable small business and strip the owner and their families.

    Fuzzy and creative accounting works fine for government when the banks are taking your tax dollar.

    People the bad guys have taken over your country, you are screwed! You are paying the bill with your own dollar for what they are doing to you and others. Most people have no clue as they plug along at their little jobs and pay those taxes that they are supporting something much worse than communism or socialism.

    Copy and paste works okay for a bank..The bank can even admit to these copy and paste type manufactured papers and it is okay. Altering documentation for payment is okay to do if of course you are a bank and someone from the bank can admit that these documents were totally manufactured by someone in the bank and it is okay... Now if you are not a bank do not try this because you will probably be prosecuted under US CODE TITLE 18. These measures are only acceptable if you are a bank, you have paid off enough people along the way, you have someone in that bank on the treasury board etc.....
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