Unions Uber Alles ... Suffering Citizens Be Damned

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    by Douglas V. Gibbs @ Political Pistachio: Unions Uber Alles ... Suffering Citizens Be Damned

    By J.J. Jackson

    Liberal labor unions in New Jersey have a message for those suffering in the wake of hurricane Sandy. That message is that you will suffer longer than necessary … in the name of union power.

    Yes, while millions struggle without power, the unions are blocking utility crews from helping people get their power back on and their lives back on track. And why? All because the utility crews coming in to help are not unionized [1] and wont agree to union rules while working in the State.

    Meanwhile, Governor Christie's office flipped and flopped, issuing several different takes on the incident [2]. Funny how, at first, the story was called, "not true". But then, later on, the Governor's people stated, "The story is probably true …". And then, finally, "We are welcoming whatever help comes in, union or non-union, to assist with the recovery," once the news spread like wildfire.

    Question for all you people in New Jersey who keep voting for liberals and who support the unions be they right/wrong/indifferent: How does it feel? How does it feel to suffer because the people you support turn away the help you now so desperately need?

    It really does speak volumes about the sorts of people in charge of the unions in New Jersey.

    What kind of uncaring creeps would turn away help and leave millions of residents to suffer?

    What kind of vile human beings are so worried about something as trivial as to whether or not someone was union or non-union when so many are in need of help?

    What absolute dregs of society think that it is a good idea to delay a return to normalcy because people who offer to help have chosen not be to part of their little group?

    It is a shame to hear of such pettiness in the wake of a disaster the size and scope of Sandy. But there are apparently people who care more about their own power than a desire to help others. Worse, it always seems to be the same people who are standing in the way of things getting done.

    Someday, maybe, people will wise up and stop letting these same people get in the way.

    [1] Confusion causes utility crew to return from recovery effort - WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL

    [2] Unions Claim That Non-Union Workers Were Not Rejected… Who Do You Believe? | Video | TheBlaze.com

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    Look for the union label...and then piss on it.

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