Union-Busting In Our World Of Plenty

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    The Czarist economy unions were actually not all that rife, or even well-organized. The Soviet conquerors had no need of them, after all(?). Anyone could guess that a labor paradise, had no need of unions. The Nazi's weren't too thrilled with them either. The Nazi's bid bring the German economy: Back to life. The Party of Lincoln, (who is admired in the West Wing), would learn to hate them, try to destroy them: And even shoot back, if they hadn't actually started any of the shooting by themselves.

    The Party of Lincoln knew about labor, even before the start. Though Karl Marx and Abe Lincoln apparently both spent a summer in City of New York at the same time: Actually, Marx had never been swayed by the Liberian Movement, fashionable in the United States at the time. Lincoln himself may in fact have preferred a Costa Rican solution, as a similar and hospitable environment, similar to the original, for the newly freed--labor.

    Labor never thinks for itself! History knows this. Others think for labor instead.

    The U. S. Labor movement, pre-Richard Nixon, (aka, the devil incarnate--raged against even by Minister Farrakhan, hero-apparent of our nation)--Nixon is allegedly not to be thought of as being like Obama--was actually vibrant after some nurturing, during and after the New Deal.

    Now it is not. Nixon signed the fixed percentage COLA into Social Security, after the unions had variously raised benefit amounts the fixed percentages, through liberal legislation, in many of the preceeding years. Hyper-inflation, USA-regarded, soon would follow when Carter had no clue: Who is allegedly not to be thought of as being like Obama!

    The Reagan GOP, however, knew about labor. Labor was not about the 'entrepreneurial spirit," of the Trajectory admired by Obama. Air Traffic Controllers would learn that first. The Reagan GOP would actually start off by decimating lower income minorities--creating a recession, with even lower wages under Bush. The unons had no chance. Obama actually wants to be thought of as being like Reagan, who is at least half Irish-American--or something.

    Argentine unions would go on to index all the wage-rates in the hyper-inflation, their way. These fascists knew how it get it really on! From 85% of the work-force, the unions become less than 20% of what was left of the workforce. The whole economy went to the nether regions. The unions had no chance.

    Reagan and Obama--and Argentina--seem to know what they were doing. Even now, unions make concessions, in America. Even now, they have no choice, in America.

    Labor never thinks for itself! History knows This!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Her Majesty's Government is, of course, fairly recently, now a Labour kind of paradise(?). Her Majesty even consented to be taxed, just like everyone else!)

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