Understanding "KWAX Controversy" Broadcasting(?)!

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    Some people are born to this stuff: Humans are actually a developing species.
    The University of Oregon Ducks, understand this. I was the Executive Producer
    of Western Oregon, Educational Radio/TV, "KWAX Controversy," many years ago.

    Unrelated to that, is the arithmetic of the last 37 years of current events,
    worldwide. You live in a predictable economy, now. What is not a coincidence,
    is that I myself know a great deal about it.

    The depth of the analysis commences in Matthew 20::1-16, and Matthew 25: 14-30:
    Catholic and Protestant editions alike. In the first parable, laborers get paid
    the same amount for daily pay: Regardless if they had worked one hour or all
    day long. I draw an up and down line. I Put zero at the bottom, and create a
    scale of the number of hours worked on up the line.

    Suppose there had only been five hours, that would be a line with zero, one,
    two, three, four, or five. In the second parable, the servant with five talents
    doubled those. The servant with 2 talents double those. The servant with one
    talent, buried it. In the line example, now draw in equal horizontal lines from
    each of the numbers, to form a box with horizontal lines in it. Then draw in a
    diagonal from the lower left hand corner to the upper right. The servant with
    five talents doubled those, so the top line can represent the other five
    talents. The servant with two talents doubled those: So the line out from two
    can represent the other two talents. The Servant with the one talent created
    zero talents.

    Can you see the Pythagorean Theorem at work? Five squared plus five squared is
    fifty, and the square root of that is about seven. The decimal point would not
    be invented for another 1000 years. Count the "other" talents. 5+2+0 is about

    So far interesting, but no controversy. The servant who didn't have very much
    got cast into outer darkness: Kind of like into foreclosure(?)! In the Law of
    savings and interest, dividends from stocks, fixed percentage pay raises, and
    Cost-Of-Living Adjustments: The computing is like in the second parable. Using
    computing, the rich get richer, and the poor don't have enough to begin with.
    Shown even in the second parable, it doesnt't work.

    Now you are into Controversy more like Orange County, CA understands it. There are white people who do get stopped and questioned by police, a lot.

    Karl Marx was a famous contemporary of Abraham Lincoln, who had proposed the
    abolition of private property, not just slavery. He proposed a centralization
    of Credit. In current events, Ron Paul is running for President, opposed to the
    Federal Reserve basis of the U. S. banking system. Currency is no longer the
    silver and gold, and coinage of two thousand years ago. It is now "legal
    tender," and that is its value. In charge of it all is the Federal Reserve. Central government, and monarchies, were able to control aristocracies, and with a monopoly of force. Post Marx, and the Federal Reserve, legal tender concept, Great Socialist advances allow more material wealth to be spread around more evenly.

    The behavior of the Original Christians in Acts 2 is reported out as, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need," if not exactly in the famous Marxist phrasing.

    In Geometry, which would be like that rectangle with the diagonal, Well over
    2000 years ago: The Greeks understood that a line is an infinite number of
    points. There are five lines in that rectangle: So there must be a lot of

    If a rectangle is thought to be a "Total Credit Market," then in the United
    States there are $53.0 tril. of total credit. That is like representing lots
    and lofs of points. The Federal Reserve keeps track of it. That is all the
    bank loans, car loans, mortgages, credit cards, installment loans, federal,
    state and local government indebtedness, and even more stuff. That is all of
    it. The $14.0 tril. federal deficit that makes the news is only 25% of it.

    Now, Yes: That is way two much. But I myself can show how much. And that is
    for now, controversial. A rectangle has four quadrants. In the last century,
    the federal government started doing public works, and lots of spending, and
    including on relief for the poor. Instead of the diagonal new income scale, the
    economy tried to create a more even standard of living for everyone: In the
    manner like each of the laborers in the first parable could be said to have
    received an equal amount pay raise. You can now see, in the Matthew 25 example,
    that the outcome is not what is Matthew 20. The householder in Matthew 20 is
    called, "Good." The story in Matthew 25 is all about what we do.

    Between Karl Marx, the intellectual basis of Communism, Centralized Credit and
    Federal Deficits, and the difference between "Good" and What We do: Then there
    is, "Controversial," though mostly it is just arithmetic. And even that is

    What I also did 37 years ago was to show that the four quadrant "economy,"
    computed like that--in the absence of the Matt 20 solution-would create excess
    Total Net Debt into a fifth quadrant. Inflation would happen, Like in the
    Carter Adminstration. President Gerald Ford was old family friend of my uncle,
    so Washington, D. C. did know about this: 37 years ago. One of my
    sister-in-laws is an old family friend of the Kennedys, from the original JFK
    for President campaign, in the 1950's, before there was one. Washington, D. C.
    knew on both sides of the aisle--Democrats and Republicans both. Senate Banking
    and Finance Chairman, Pete Domeneci, was my next oldest brother's next door
    neighbor, in Albuquerque, NM. They both had five kids, and would alternate
    baby-sitting weekends. The economy would tank in about 1980, and eventually
    $300.0 bil., "redistributive," federal deficits would have to bail it out. The
    Clinton Administration finally did that. The 1986 Tax Reform included raised
    and indexed, what? Equal amount personal exemptions and standard deduction,
    still on the books. That was wrong. It mainly threw people off the income tax
    liability rolls. 45% of Americans filing income tax now owe nothing.

    When the fifth quadrant is full of credit, that means that there is not enough
    personal income to easily repay it. The economy is effectively in a "Collapse
    Mode." That is different from the federal budget, however. In the economy,
    someone is going to be left out, and big time that really has happened. The
    current economy. total net debt, is in excess of three times personal income.
    America has actually not worked very well, mostly recently.

    Controversially, Washington, D. C., knows all about that, too! Schedule M, in
    the recent Obama Stimulus, was like the arithmetic in Matt 20. It was a
    refundable tax credit, so it was paid in addition to what was owed, equally for
    all filers--for the most part. Low income people suddenly had a lot of extra money.
    That actually worked. No public works spending really happened, and so now no one
    else is working. The recovery is very slow. People from the La Habra High
    School wrestling team from years ago, want to be electricians. There is no construction
    happening, so there are no apprenticeship programs: For them.

    Controversially, Schedule M is now gone. But also, see the word, "Collapse." I
    put the geometry into left-leaning journals in the 1980's, after roundly losing
    a multi-year tax protest in Court. I was even fined for bringing a "frivolous"
    lawsuit, as though there were no case at all.

    The Soviet Union collapsed after that. Tienaman Square, in China, started the
    end of the Chinese Maoists: The day after I published my last little snipe in
    the Free Venice Beachhead. Venice, CA, is widely known as Hollywood's Upper
    Middle Class playground: As in world-widely known.

    In "Casablanca," which is a classic movie about people trying to flee the Nazis,
    the commandant would famously instruct his police force to "arrest the usual
    suspects," whenever there was controversy.

    Jesus finally set himself up as an idol in heaven before the Jewish leaders, who
    would normally have had him stoned to death. The Romans were in power, and the death
    penalty was in their hands. These were the Jewish leaders. The Romans went
    along with the concept, and Pontius Pilate left the famous signal for all of
    history: That the matter was about the Law of Moses, and not of Rome.

    Controversy happens. Jesus, of course, was famously not too entirely compliant
    with the Old Testament rules, unlike many believe in Conservative Christian, erroneous beliefs. In fact, Israel had been conquered twice by the pantheon gods, of those civilizations. Matthew, the gospel person, was a tax collector, likely familiar with math. The Greek Religion of the Pythagoreans was likely known to those in the world of Rome, who knew math.

    Idolatory and Foreign Religions to boot! The New Testament even has a plan for you!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Chant and Be Happy! Hmmmmm!)
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    It's not entirely clear just what the twelve-year old was explaining to the assembled teachers in the Temple. Maybe he was turning another cheek(?), already!

    This was not a pro-death penalty, keep the sabbath holy, eye-for-an eye kind of dude. The use of the Pythagorean concept, may or may not have alarmed the Scribes and Pharisees, at any rate. He was being accused of utilizing foreign concepts.

    Creating the Caesar-like idolotary--all about the nation of twice conquered Israel--may itself not have been too helpful.

    Pontius Pilate would not be said too easily to have been able to find any fault with the newer religion, of the newer prophet, coming out of Tribute-Paying Israel.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!'
    (Great Half-Wit Father In Washington have sunny and also Biden-like kind of countenance ability.)
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    Turing test fail
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    Noah's Ark was a litter of Critters with no math in comparison. In the United States, the fixed percentage computing of interest across savings accounts, of pay grade raises, benefit amount raises, and primary benefit amount raises; dividend accounts, and in investment types of instruments generally: Is all about Matthew 25::14-30.

    Mom's know that their own litters will be subject to the consequences--Intended by the mom's at the inception events. Dads clearly intended the outcome. The Nazi's clearly intended the outcome--for all kinds of people. Rabbis clearly intend the outcome, even know, supportive of it for all kinds of people. The Ivy League clearly intends the outcome, if clearly intending that certain people not be affected by anything so worldly as an outcome.

    Mainly in Haiti, and Drought-Ravished East Africa: The people just die like dogs in vomit, like was intended for U. S. Nationals in Iraq, and in Afghanistan, and in the Civil War, and in Vietnam, and in Korea. . .and mostly anywhere, any day. School, for example, is such an event, where love and humanity in relationships is not intended. Pay is intended.

    In Western Civilization, the new Holy Father has the recent Holy Father on the Road to some Predator Saint status.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!'
    (Many seek and do not find--and seem to be about as relieved as they can get--about it!)

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