*Under Obama Negroes Have It Worse*

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chesswarsnow, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Sorry bout that,

    1. Yeah well and good Obama is a negro, and negroes will vote for him in droves, just like last time, but in reality they will suffer more than anyone if he were to win, not a chance for that though.
    2. Negroes can't catch a break, they help elect a man, who is a negro, like them, and yet it only comes to their harm.
    3. More negroes are out of work than ever, more are on hard times than ever, and yet, they will go to the polling places and cast another vote for the loser, just to know they did try and get him in again, even if it makes it harder on them.
    4. Its really sad things didn't work out , but it is what it is, negroes can't catch a break.
    5. Negroes wanted so badly for a negro President, and so, it was, but Obama is no JFK, sorry, its time to let him go, let him go back to Chicago with his pimping politics, where he belongs, let him organize again, there, with you and Rev. Wright, y'all can have Bar-B Q on the weekends, swap stories and shoot each other.
    6. Good times back in the hood, post haste!
    LINK:Barack Obama and the paradox behind his African American support base | Gary Younge | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

    "African Americans, as a group, are far worse off now than they were when Obama came to power and the gap between whites and blacks in terms of wealth and income has increased under Obama's tenure. The overall rate of unemployment may be close to where it was when Obama took office, but black unemployment is up 11%. Meanwhile the wealth gap has doubled during this recession with the average white American now having 22 times more wealth than their black counterparts. So too has the educational achievement gap with the rate at which white Americans graduate from high school growing at a far faster clip than black students."

    7. Sad but true, negroes are being set up for failure, you can't win for losing or win for winning, so sad, but its true, why is that I wonder?


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