UNDENIABLE PROOF (webarchive.org March 2002) not only spiritual but also physical des

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    Terrified illuminati censor as much as they can the uniqueness of the May 2012 series of quakes in Italy
    UNDENIABLE PROOF (webarchive.org March 2002) that not only the spiritual (completed 1977 with the assassimation of John Paul I) but also the ongoing physical destruction of Christ's churches (from italian basilicas during the last years, the latest ones today, to Christchurch's cathedral 2011) was prophesized by the very last Prophet.

    LAST PROPHET's words from 1998/1999 with photo archived first 2002 (1)

    The latest church as of 3 days ago: first ever church (200 year old) levelled by tornado in Canada (in Montreal) (2)

    (1) http://web.archive.org/web/20020122183637/http://verdade.no.sapo.pt/fall.jpg
    (2) May 26, 2012
    Quebec tornadoes cause millions in damage - Montreal - CBC News
    As of today the two replies of Last Prophet are still visible in this forum managed by the CIA Web of Disinfo, where supposedly "Anonymous Cowards" can post freely, but where in fact almost all the TRUTH is deleted within hours or days.
    MONTREAL Church destroyed by TORNADO!!!???
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