Ultimate pro life

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    Since in vitrol produces so many potential embyos than will never be used, and since it is considered murder by some to destroy these cells I hereby propose a movement to save these blastocysts.

    Home adoption!!!

    All you have to do is purchase a small freezer with a backup source of power. Then you file papers for "adoption". Upon agreeing to keep them frozen (forever if necessary) you will be shipped (by refridgerated carrier) your very own blastocyst.

    Since blastocysts are so very small, microscopic I believe, you can have as many as you want. Maybe the right wing will pass legislation giving you tax writeoffs as dependents.

    At any rate you will be "saving" these lives for all eternity. Of course the blastocysts will never know what you have done, or anything else but you can feel really, really good about saving these lives that have never existed.

    Perpetuity is a long time and you will have to make arrangements to care for them after your passing. Maybe you could contact those who made the Ted Williams arrangements.

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