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    Interesting point here, the new data system adapted by UAH reduced the the temperature from +0.74 to +0.63. Now if that were GISS moving in the other direction, you fellows would be crying foul.

    So, according to UAH, we have just had the warmest January on record, followed by the second warmest February on record.

    Since I saw nothing to indicate that they adjusted the 1998 temps in the same manner, I cannot help but think February was probably also the warmest February on record. I will have to see the GISS data, and other data sets, before giving credance to what UAH has stated.

    However, even with their data set, the temperature is definately looking up for 2010.

    February 2010 UAH Global Temperature Update: Version 5.3 Unveiled Roy Spencer, Ph. D.

    The global-average lower tropospheric temperature remained high, at +0.61 deg. C for February, 2010. This is about the same as January, which in our new Version 5.3 of the UAH dataset was +0.63 deg. C. February was second warmest in the 32-year record, behind Feb 1998 which was itself the second warmest of all months. The El Nino is still the dominant temperature signal; many people living in Northern Hemisphere temperate zones were still experiencing colder than average weather.

    The new dataset version does not change the long-term trend in the dataset, nor does it yield revised record months; it does, however, reduce some of the month-to-month variability, which has been slowly increasing over time.

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