U.S. Senator ties Secretary's pay to Secretary's policy decisions.

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    Republican Senator David Vitter is up to it again.

    When he's not getting his diaper changed by a prostitute or changing his mind on whether to support funding of the new LSU hospital only after historic buildings have been razed, he's telling cabinet level executive officers, appointed by the President to serve at his pleasure, that they must make the policy decisions he wants them to make if they want to get the same pay as the every other cabinet member.

    The committee dismissed a complaint by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington regarding Vitter’s blocking of a bill that would provide a $19,600 salary increase for Salazar. The raise would allow Salazar’s salary to be in line with those of other Cabinet officials.
    The Senate, quite obviously, needs to change their rules. When a Senator undermines the authority of the President of the United States over his own cabinet by offering salaray compensation in exchange for making a particular executive decision, he has violated the sacred balance of power between the branches of government that our Founders shed blood and sweat to create.

    “While senators have long used holds on nominations to help persuade administrations to carry out or change policies, tying an incumbent Secretary’s personal salary to his or her performance of specific official act is different, places a Secretary in a precarious and potentially untenable position, and undermines a basic principle of government service,” Boxer and Isakson said in a letter dismissing a complaint against Vitter. “Had Secretary Salazar complied with this request, it would have appeared that his decision was made because of his personal interests, and not the public interest.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0312/74689.html#ixzz1wTqrbVXt


    David Vitter. What a fucking turd.


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