U.S. Muslim charity accused of funding Hamas put on trial

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    The trial of what was the United States' largest Muslim charity began on Tuesday, with federal prosecutors saying the group aimed to destroy Israel and the defense claiming its leaders simply sought advice on staying true to their humanitarian mission from Palestinian groups.

    The trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development is expected to last several months and caps an FBI investigation that lasted more than a decade.

    The organization and five of its top officials are charged with aiding terrorists, conspiracy and money laundering.

    Prosecutor James T. Jacks said in his opening statement Tuesday that the foundation was created to raise money for the Palestinian militant group Hamas. "The charity's leaders lied about their purpose because to tell the truth is to reveal what they were all about - the destruction of the state of Israel and replacing it with a Palestinian Islamic state," he said.

    Some of the charity's money went to support the families of suicide bombers, according to authorities.


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