U.S. Forces Overseas Anxiously Await Election Day Results

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    MOSUL, Iraq -- U.S. soldiers in Mosul awaited the outcome of Tuesday's presidential election that will decide the future of their mission in Iraq, but most of the dining hall TV screens were tuned to sports, not politics, as they ate breakfast.

    Those who voted had already mailed in their absentee ballots long ago, and soldiers at Camp Marez in the northern Iraqi city said nothing special was planned for Election Day.

    "We can't stop doing what we have to do. We got to keep running," said Maj. Gary Dangerfield of Chicago, spokesman for the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment.

    Sgt. James Fowler, 27, of Fresno, Calif., praised the Army for encouraging soldiers to vote and helping them with absentee ballots. He said he voted for Obama but "I am outnumbered 10-to-one, especially among officers" and senior noncommissioned officers who said they wanted John McCain to win.

    "Everyone is looking forward to McCain," said Fowler, from the 94th Engineer Battalion. "But I believe it's time for change and Obama has promised that. At least he has given us a timeline" for withdrawing from Iraq.

    Obama has called for bringing all combat soldiers home within 16 months. McCain, a veteran and former Vietnam War prisoner, says the current U.S. strategy in Iraq is working and has promised to pursue the war until victory.

    For Iraqis, the stakes could not be higher, though many of them said they did not think U.S. policy would change dramatically no matter who wins the White House.

    "We hope that the new American president will open a new page with our country which was suffering along 35 years under former regime and is still suffering a lot under the occupation," said Baghdad resident Mohammed al-Tamimi.

    U.S. Forces Overseas Anxiously Await Election Day Results - FOXNews.com Elections

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