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    U.N. Me is a documentary critical of the United Nations. Here’s the trailer for a little taste:

    Anything that shows the UN in a bad light is good news:

    August 5, 2012
    A New Documentary Exposes the U.N.'s DNA
    By Lauri B. Regan

    Articles: A New Documentary Exposes the U.N.'s DNA


    If you live for the day the UN is shutdown, as do I, you probably know that criticism of the UN’s “. . . corruption, criminal activity, ineffectual bureaucracy, and profound uselessness . . .” often disguises a sly call to make the UN work better. I won’t say that is the case with —— U.N. Me —— because I have not seen the documentary. I can say that eliminating the UN is the only cure for the disease.

    The United Nations, and it’s predecessor The League of Nations, was never about protecting human Rights as the excerpt states. If human Rights was the true goal the UN would have adopted and enforced America’s original Bill of Rights instead of coming up with a piece of garbage known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The reason it chose the latter is because the UN is about global government protecting ruling classes. Building a global welfare state is the best way to get to global government just as America’s welfare state was the best way to bring a free people to totalitarian government.

    The League of Nations

    WWI and newly developed weapons of war like aircraft and mustard gas put the fear of God in the very personality types who sent others out to die throughout history. Warmongers understood that the weapons used in WWI would evolve as weapons always do. WWI scared the hell out of them; WWII and the atomic bomb traumatized them so badly they made global government the only goal for ruling classes irrespective of the cost.

    Ruling classes historically went to war against one another; i.e., no country ever went to war against the people in another country. Wars were always about one ruling class wiping out the ruling class in another country. Global government was designed to eliminate the reason for war. In short: “United” in United Nations means uniting ruling classes so they protect and support one another; ergo, dictators and so-called democratic leaders can live in harmony. Collectively they are called “world leaders.”

    NOTE: Muslims want to kill all Jews not just Israel’s ruling class. The only difference between Muslims and WWII Nazis is that Nazis did not have the United Nations to protect them as the UN protects Muslim ruling classes like the one in Iran. Oddly enough, Iran will soon have nuclear weapons; the very weapon the New World Order crowd feared the most when the UN succeeded the League of Nations.

    Finally, I do not expect —— U.N. Me —— to be nominated for an Academy Award.

    It all has to do with how movies are financed. The motion picture industry will not take kindly to a documentary that criticizes an important source of funding. Here’s how it works.

    Every major country has its own movie industry. UN propaganda shows up in many foreign language movies as well as in Hollywood movies. It doesn’t have to be much to get some money from the UN. A line or two of dialogue extolling the UN’s legitimacy, a plug for International law, and so on reaches millions.

    A scene or a plot that makes the UN look good is even better. A scene is a lot more expensive than a few words of dialogue. Call it the equivalent of a full page ad in a major newspaper, or a commercial run during the Super Bowl. Propaganda/advertising is paid for with tax dollars funneled through the United Nations.

    In addition, do not underestimate the effectiveness of UN-financed movies starring actors who shill for the United Nations full-time.

    I’m not certain how —— U.N. Me —— was financed. I’m pretty sure the producers cannot rely on theater tickets to recover costs. It might make some money if it is shown on television. No matter how it goes it definitely will not get the free media publicity Michael Moore’s crap gets.

    I’m not sure if —— U.N. Me —— will be shown in theaters. You can purchase the video at this link if you are interested:


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