U-fone always busying how to cheat the customers

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    U-fone always busying how to cheat the customers

    I want to share TO ALL WHY u-fone always makes a wrong habit to cheat the customers. In this regard I made countless complain to WMS, PTA and Ufone but no authority have yet give me satisfied replied and asked question from Ufone what reasons they always in a mood to cheat the customers.

    Latest example of Ufone cheating that I got load Rs.50 balance in which I got net balance of Rs. 41 after deducting the taxes and now my current credit balance is Rs,46. As on Aug 22, 11

    I charged sms package of 603 for 14 days in which Ufone charges Rs.25 plus tax but when I do not get a confirmation message of sms package when I dial 124 to know what my current balance which is around Rs 4 is.

    It means Ufone charges 603 package for sending 2500 sms to any local network now cost me around Rs.42 but said package often cost me Rs.31 but charge Rs.11 additional on account of eidi to extra.

    I must say Ufone a cheater cell phone company freely working and yet PTA or WMS never fined or punished that reasons do cheating without any fear of punishment.

    What reasons Ufone select me always for cheat and always hungry how to earn more and more? Go to hell forever and destroy entire management who are responsible in this reasons.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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