Two Campaign Strategies

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    It is now clear what the campaign styles are going to be with Governor Romney and President Obama. I decided I would write about this because a lot of impatient Republicans are getting anxious and demanding that Romney goes on the attack in a way that John McCain never did. However, if you understand the strategy as I think I do (though I could be completely wrong), you’ll have a great appreciation for what the Romney camp is doing.

    First, I wanted to discuss the Obama campaign strategy, which is very much like Obama’s presidency: spend, spend, spend and talk, talk, talk. The Obama campaign knew all along that their only way of winning was to flood media with negative ads on whomever the competition would be. It is not a coincidence that Obama spent the last 3.5 years raising money for his re-election. Already, the Obama campaign is spending millions of dollars trying to define Romney early, much like Bush did against Kerry. There are three main problems with this portion of their strategy:

    --Money is not coming in as fast as Obama would like; Romney actually raised more money than Obama the past two months and Romney has a lot of Super PAC money backing him too.

    --The number of battleground states are growing, increasing the need for money. At this point in the election, the Obama campaign would hope that the race would be narrowing, now opening up.

    --The Obama campaign has outspent the Romney campaign by leaps and bounds and yet, the polls reflect a tie right now. If you’re going to try to start the race fast and hold on to the lead, you need to have a lead to hold onto.

    The second piece of the Obama campaign strategy is to get Obama out talking to as many folks as possible. The one thing Obama has going for him is that his likeability numbers are pretty good, so they want to get him out there to shake hands and kiss babies. You’ll see a lot of talks so that he can get 30 second clips in the media with him rallying crowds. The main problem with this is that people have seen Obama talk a million times and each time, it loses its luster and coverage.

    Now, onto the Romney strategy.

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