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    There is a very good TV show out of Korea called "City Hall." It is at
    ViiKii - Watch Korea Dramas 씨티홀 with Korean subtitle

    Essentially Ms Smith goes to Seoul. But not really. It is great in the details of politics, but it doesn't get into a screaming fit about a particular side. You can kind of guess the screenwriter is slightly lefty, but not painfully so.

    Essential story is that a peon in the city hall administration gets shafted by the powers that be and gets revenge on the mayor who fired her (by getting him out of office and into jail) and then decides to run for mayor herself

    One of the interesting refreshing things is that there are no good guys. You are rooting for the heroine because she is fun, not because she is going to bring about the new millennium. There is a lot about the grit of politics (Which makes Hockey or Rollerball look pretty tame) like money, connections, corruption, apathy, and an electorate that votes on basis of who is so and so's cousin, or who is cute, or who is willing to put up the highest price for votes at auction.

    I do think this belongs here rather than entertainment, just as Machiavelli is not literature. Even though it is. I really recommend watching this. You might learn a lot.

    It isn't just politics of course, There is a bit of romance as well.

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