TV license fees revenue goes to which Govt. Department

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    TV license fees revenue goes to which Govt. Department
    I want to drawn the attention all viewers that Pakistan is only country where the Govt force to charge TV license fee from its consumers via Electricity Bill Rs.35 on monthly basis.

    What is purpose of charging TV license fee and what benefit the consumer getting when paying the concern fee via K E S C electricity bill, which is a method of our Govt earning but which pocket all revue s goes and what a purpose of such fee to be charged.

    It should be dis-continue to charging from the consumers wef July 2012 and no valid reason to charge from TV consumers only extracting money but no benefit provided at end which is totally in-justice and miss-using the authority to extract money from the NATION on the name of TV license fee.

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    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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