Turkish hostages released, on the same day as PFC Keith Maupin is shot.

Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by kev8864, Jun 29, 2004.

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    What makes me sick, about his death is that this was a religous killing. On the same day he was shot in head, contrast the treatment of those hostages who are Muslims.


    "The three Turkish hostages were released after "they pledged not to support the non-believers again", according to the latest video aired by al-Jazeera."

    "For the sake of you, our brothers, and Muslims of the people of Turkey... we will release these hostages and send them safely home," one of the militants said."

    So it's not about Islam then?

    "Correspondents say Iraqi kidnappers are trying to deflect criticism from Muslim countries by sparing those of the same faith wherever possible."

    Enough said.

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    they're just desperate... the fact that the homegrown iraqi insurgents like al-sadr sharply criticized them and said their executions and terrorist bombings were anti-islamic and did no good in the fight against the occupiers (now guests) has caused them to make stupid concessions that matter not a bit.

    i can respect a homegrown iraqi guerrilla that's got the balls to get in a militia and fight the marines nearly fair n square in a city.... sorry buddy the marines are gonna win but at least you're not one of those blowing up some school, hospital,NGO HQ or kidnapping some innocent civilian or a soldier and executing them for show.

    that is the difference between a rebel and a terrorist, the rebels wouldn't do something stupid like beheading people anyway, it does NOTHING for them, the iraqi people themselves are disgusted by this... the terrorists on the other hand just want to kick-start a civil war and let the bloodbath begin with the "guests" in the middle.
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    without the "feeding frenzy" attention the media pays to such terrorist acts I surmise that they wouldnt happen. how else can these scum of the earth get the attention they need to try and farther their mis-guided cause? I am not saying not to report on these acts but must they be front page, headline, most of the TV time news? Our very own Media are impowering these bastards and I feel they need to stop and rethink what they are reporting and more importantly...WHY they are doing it. In the name of journalism I think not.

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