Turkey Increased duties dis-appoint PTEA - Pakistan

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    Turkey Increased duties dis-appoint PTEA - Pakistan
    I want to share Turkey make a surprise move to increased duties when goods imported from Pakistan which dis-appoint and hurt the PTEA ( Pakistan Textile Exporters Association)

    New duties apply after increased are as follows
    1. 52.00% duties on Pakistani Garments
    2. 24.50% duties on denim fabrics
    3. 24.40% duties on woven fabrics

    This increased in duties structure is totally un-friendly and damage the relationship between two countries. In this regards PTEA office bearers widely criticised this increase in duties which harm Pakistan exports.

    This is the duty of Minister of Commerce or Foreign Minister to request Turkish Government not to increase duty to such level in which Pakistani products can’t reach to Turkish market.

    If our Government, Trade Bodies like FPCCI (Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry ) or KCCI ( Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry ) do not play its due role than a few units must be closed by this increased in duties and more un-employment in our country.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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