TrumpUSA: A Theism Tiffin?

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    Here's a consumerism-oriented tale (below --- with pictures!) about 'dystopian Dianetics.'

    Personally, I like the prospect of TrumpUSA making me more 'imaginative' about insanity-storytelling.

    During Reaganomics, we had Oliver Stone's capitalism-energy film Wall Street, so I'm excited about the possibility that 'Trumponomics' just might generate self-conscious films such as a Steven Spielberg film about capitalism-tremors titled Enron Haunting or a Ridley Scott film about leverage-paranoia titled The Credit Terrorists!

    Nevertheless, we already have comparable story-rich films such as The Founder and Blackhat.




    The Tin Man went through a dimensional portal and travelled from Oz to Earth with his special tiffins filled with delicious curries and lentils (he also wielded his signature metal axe but it was only for show). The Tin Man landed in modern-day Los Angeles and discovered Hollywood culture and learned about the American movie superstar Tom Cruise and the new trend in cinema catering to pedestrian 'armchair fantasies' in bravado-paranoia films such as The Purge: Anarchy (and how such films could potentially inspire 'fanatical vigilantism' among everyday people!). Tin Man was curious about spiritualism and nihilism on Earth.


    The Tin Man met Tom Cruise and a fanatical Internet-blogger named Ajay Satan who always wore sunglasses and a face-mask. Cruise was excited about his new futurama-film Edge of Tomorrow, and Ajay was excited about his new 'anti-consumerism campaign' regarding the sale of water-guns to kids in the summer months. Tin Man explained that in Oz, all creatures (except the nefarious Wicked Witch) were friendly and idealistic, which is why he carried a metal axe only for show. Cruise explained that modern-day L.A. was not 'all friendly' or idealistic, and Ajay told Tin Man about the anarchistic Race Riots of 1992. Tin Man realized humans were very 'bohemian' and probably worshipped gods such as Shiva (Hindu god of destruction!).


    Cruise explained to Tin Man that humans worshipped 'bohemian' gods like Shiva, since they were fascinated by 'governance philosophy' and 'heavenly intrigue,' and Ajay added that Shiva signified a pedestrian curiosity about piracy control and creative power. Tin Man asked Cruise and Ajay that if humans on Earth were so content about consumerism and so philosophically pensive about 'governance,' then why was there so much profiteerism scandal related intrigue (e.g., Wall Street, Enron, etc.), and Cruise and Ajay told Tin Man (before he happily returned to Oz with his tiffins and axe) that capitalism created natural competitiveness and it was the 'duty' of citizens to embrace commerce-battleships such as 'TrumpUSA.'



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