Trump & Saakashvili are going to make business in Georgia

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    Trump is going to invest $250 millions in building of housing estates and hotel in Batumi and Tbilisi. The agreement was signed between Trump’s organization and Silk Road Group Georgia during Saakashvili’s visit to the US. Later he is going to invest more...
    Well, business is business, but Trump characterized Georgia as a great partner of the US and Saakashvili as an exceedingly successful leader, both statements made me completely sick! Let’s take the details. Trump said that according to the World Bank Georgia is the #1 reformer in the world – bullshit, because all reforms are aimed to make Saakashvili and his encirclement wealthier, while the 95% of Georgians are starving. Also Georgia is #1 in political housecleaning – another lie. 100% of Georgian politicians are corrupted, none to fight. Georgia is #1 of easiness of doing business in Central and Eastern Europe – go and tell that to those who tried to open business and stuck in prison for uncertain term after money transmission to Georgian accounts. But my favorite is that Georgia is #2 in security matters... We had explosions, foreigners are being regularly killed (remember the easiness of doing business here, it is really so), and the Islamists, who were invited by Saakashvili. Instead of running away from Georgia Trump is praising it and treating Saakashvili as one of the greatest world leaders no matter of his numerous crimes.
    But Forbes in its annual rating put Georgia among the 14 most dangerous countries where you shouldn’t go for a vacation or work. I guess it’s the only truthful rating of our country. I even think that US gave the alarm now because it has some information about the upcoming disturbance or even terrorist attacks, but as always the Americans take care only after themselves...
    Anyway Trump’s investment and eulogy force the international organizations think that Georgia is a safe and nice place and Saakashvili is a saint, but don’t let them to fool you.

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