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    Humm I think “Mr.” Trumka needs a few hints, reminders and clues;

    1) Give up your rights or get laid off? That’s some spin, right out of the gate.

    2) 1% of Americans? what does this possibly have to do with the topic? Oh right, nothing. However I will play along so as to expose the simple reality here, its all redistributionist dogma he labors under ( pun intended) - lets see if he can square this circle; the top 25% of taxpayers pay approx. 85% of All taxes. The top 5% pay 55% of All taxes. The top 1%? Go look it up….this is unfair……how?

    3) Corporate profits? Oh yea, rich corp. = evil meanies strawman, , I thought we were disusing positions between the STATE and PUBLIC sector unions…..apparently he cannot help himself, in the immortal words of Otter, hes “on a roll”.

    4) The collusion, excuse me ‘bargaining’ between his minions and the state ,County/municipality or city is undertaken amongst 2 entities; the politician and the union, there is no participation of John Q. Public, you know the jerk who actually pays the bills. This disconnect has been abused get a clue.

    5) When someone gets down to quoting articles of a UN compact, you know we’re down the rabbit hole so far there is no longer any reasonable accommodation with reality to made.

    6) Comparing a Wall st. workers bonus, to the average pension of a retired public-service worker? This is supposed to prove what exactly?

    7) And the federal workforce of over 2 million?how are they fairing? Pretty good from what I hear. There is no big paradigm shift taking place here, at all, 23 other states use the very same mechanisms ( and Ohio now too) Walker is calling for as to managing the public workforce. This ‘sky is falling, death of the middle class’ gumbo doesn’t chew.

    The fact that this is the head of the largest labor force in the United States and this is what he concocts as a defense, is, well it tells you just how far we have fallen, how abused the system is and how baldy its been gamed.
    He actually expects this to fly.

    * MARCH 4, 2011

    Scott Walker's False Choice

    A group of radical Republican governors is working overtime to export the private sector's short-sighted labor practices into the public sector.

    Close to 200,000 working Wisconsinites have been given the following option by Gov. Scott Walker: If you want to keep your job, give up your rights. If you want to keep your rights, you're going to be laid off.

    This is downright un-American. The governor's choice is a false one, manufactured for political reasons.

    The real question, the one at the heart of our economic debate, is this: Do we continue down a path that delivers virtually all income growth to the richest 1% of Americans, or do we commit to rebuilding a thriving middle class?

    We believe to address this question, it's crucial that we sit down at the table together and find a way to grow without taking more away from the middle class.

    The business climate couldn't be stronger. Corporate profits reached an annualized level of $1.7 trillion in the third quarter of 2010, the highest figure since the government began keeping statistics 60 years ago.

    But, as we've seen, high corporate profits aren't enough to drive robust and equitable economic growth. Three years after the onset of this epic recession, unemployment is still near double digits, millions of Americans are facing home foreclosure, and wages have been stagnant. In our consumer-driven economy, that pulls down businesses as well as tax revenues. Our entire economy is weaker when we have the kind of income inequality that we have today.

    The freedom of workers to come together to bargain for decent living standards, safe workplaces, and dignity on the job has been a cornerstone of building our middle class. It's also recognized in Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This right ensures that there is sufficient spending power to drive the consumer demand, which makes up two-thirds of our GDP. And it benefits all Americans—not just those who are in unions.

    It's no secret that boosting corporate profits no longer translates into shared prosperity. Many private-sector companies have gone to extraordinary lengths in recent years to effectively eliminate the freedom of workers to come together to bargain to lift living standards. That's one reason middle-class wages have stagnated since the 1970s, and why the U.S. is at risk of becoming an hourglass economy—one with all the income at the top and people at the bottom.

    Please read the rest here-
    Richard Trumka: Scott Walker's False Choice -
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