Truman & Obama V. Leaderless House: The Ivy League Catches Up To The HS Diploma

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    So anyone notices how the 2012 Dialogue in Election Year 2012 will spin. Obama will have the free media attention of the press corps, and will be running against the House GOP! Tens of Millions will all tune in to agree.

    The year-end payroll tax, Republican debacle, will compare with the Government shut-down engineered by now resurrected Newt. Vice President Cheney will be asked to repeat the famous Conservative GOP Mantra: "Ronald Reagan Proved That Deficits Don't Matter!" Even the imagery of orator Obama, v. the dullards, Boehner and Cantor: Will be on for a compare and contrast.

    Source: Possible deal on payroll tax -

    At the bottom of the linked article is the clue. Ivy League Barack Obama is at least as bright as Missouri High School educated, Harry S. Truman.

    Wall Street Law Firms in fact may notice that Missouri High School graduates even work for maybe just a paltry, or $1.0 or $2.0 mil. per year: And With No bonuses needed. Some people actually do know a thing or two about how make and live within a budget(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many will watch great Salt Water. . . .Cult Member Romney explain how much he knows about the real business of getting everybody laid off. Then First, maybe, will be Trump!)
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