Trilateral format: Germany, Poland, Russia. New concept for New Europe security .

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    In the interview given to, Prof. Dr. Hans-Henning Schröder shares his opinion about European security architecture and Russia’s role in it.

    “Concerning the future of the NATO my impression is at least in 20-25 years, really Russia could and should be member of the NATO and the question is of course are there threats which are perceived by both sides, NATO and Russia, and which are threatening both sides. One of course is the proliferation of nuclear weapons. And this is a point where United States, NATO and Russia should cooperate closely, and then of course you have a lot of challenges within the region. We could speak about Afghanistan, Russia and the NATO cooperating closely, and we could speak about Iran, maybe we will talk about Pakistan in the future. So there are a lot of questions where it would be naturally to work together”

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