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    We are opening the Invite Only threads in this forum. You may continue to post threads under the OLD structured debate rules OR identify the thread as Invite Only as given in the auxiliary rules below..

    READ THEM CAREFULLY. There have been a couple edits since the Announcement of the feature. Also make sure that you place the bold red Invite Only message as the 1st THING in your OP and include an invite list of up to 12 people somewhere in the OP. OP creation rules are the SAME as for Zone2 and 3 forums. If you have questions -- contact AyeCantSeeYou or FlaCalTenn via PM.
    For an "Invite Only" thread in the Structured Debate Forum ---- where OPs have always been allowed to stipulate 3 additional rules of their own -----

    Make Rule One that Site Wide Rules apply and threads will be Zone3 moderated

    In addition -->
    -- flaming or mention of ANY MEMBER (including moderators) who is not in the Invite list or is invited but does not post in thread is not allowed. Not even by pseudonames or pet names. You want to flame USMB members? Don't whimp out. Take it to the Flame Zone where they can flame back. You want to go 9 rounds with another member -- take it to the Bull Ring.

    Make Rule Two be to include an "Invite List" of mention alerts (like @FCT @DTMB @catpaws) embedded in the OP for everyone to see. Can be anywhere in the Opening Post AFTER the Bold Red "Invite Only" warning. For the trial period -- limit the invitees to 12 or less.

    Make Rule Three ---- any one additional rule that the OP desires to specify that does not violate the Site Wide or Zone3 rules.. If you WANT to make an addition rule -- place it near the TOP of the Opening Post after the "invite" warning.

    You could still use the Structured Debate forum under the original Guidelines or use it for Invite Only threads.

    Other guidance for members using the Structured Debate Forum under Invite Only rules would be

    - The first line of the OP MUST BE the following statement in Red Bold..

    This is an Invite Only thread. If your member name does not appear in the alert call list -- DO NOT POST HERE -- do not even use the rating buttons on posts in this thread.

    - simply and politely tell intruders the rules and ask them to leave. Then report them if they dont. Moderators will thread ban any intruders automatically.

    - these threads WILL BE closed if members NOT on the Invite list are flamed or named in any way.. (Maybe some requested mod help for those that slip up once). If you're on the Invite list and don't wish to participate -- DO NOT POST. Doing so may leave you open to being named in thread.

    -- no material from these threads LEAVES those threads to be quoted elsewhere on the boards. This applies to both invited and uninvited members. Moderators should not MERGE or MOVE any threads out of or into the Structured Debate forum.

    -- Moderation will NOT add members to the invite list or delete members from the invite list or recognize any additions NOT in the Opening Posts ----- so get it right in the Opening Post. Similarly Moderators will not eject invited members from an existing thread except for violations of the Invite Only rules. Live and Learn. Make another thread. And behave like a good guest if you want to be in Invite Only threads. How an OP decides how an invite list is created is SOLELY up to the person who creates the Opening Post.

    -- if a person is alerted to one of your threads and requests in that thread that you DO NOT invite again, please respect that request. Who gets invites is solely up to the membership to sort out. But keep a list of those who DO NOT want to participate in the invite threads that you create.

    - We're gonna start out with a limit of 12 invites per thread until everybody is familiar with the rules and bugs are shaken out of the rules. Moderation MAY increase that number in the future..

    - Topic control is STILL in effect. These are discussion topics, not chat rooms. The purpose is to get better TOPICAL discussion. Make the Title and OP thematic or fairly narrow. Moderation will cut a LOT of slack on friendly personal banter -- but the TOPIC needs to be respected. Moderation may close if the topic is nowhere in sight.
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