Treasury Dept. shares of AIG&GM Stock Progress

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    For Treasury to sell its stock in the largest recipients at the price where taxpayers would break even – $28.73 a share for AIG, $53.98 for GM – it could take years, the report says. AIG's shares closed Wednesday at $25.31. GM ended at $24.92.
    Bailout Still Costing Taxpayers $132.9 Billion And They Won't Be Paid Back For Years: Report

    As of Friday May 18, 2012: AIG closed at 28.33 per share and GM at 21.18 per share.
    Things look better for AIG. GM is a complete disaster and is a perfect example of why Government should not run and/or own stock in a Private Company.

    I would never let Geithner manage money for me and never would invest in a Company with Obama as it's CEO.

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